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Did you know if you have workplace skills and experience, you could turn it into a nationally recognised qualification with an RPL certificate? At SkillsWave Global, we are committed to helping people like you reach their full potential by allowing you to convert knowledge and abilities you could be sitting on in your field into certification and accreditation that could give your career the boost you need. 

Want to know more about what an RPL is and how it works? You’ve come to the right place. As well as finding out the ins and outs of this great chance to better your chances for employment and a better salary, we will help you take the steps you need to do it. 

What is RPL?

RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning is a unique assessment process that has been devised to look at the relevant experience and skills you have gained (either from non-formal, informal or formal learning) and convert them into credit outcomes that can go towards you being awarded a recognised accreditation or certification in a given field.

RPL allows you to take the experience you may have gained over the years in your current or past employers to give you qualifications that you ordinarily could only have achieved by attending an educational institution. This could give you a chance to request a raise or a promotion in your existing profession or look for better job prospects elsewhere. 

RPL Assessment Process

Now you understand the basics, we will outline what is involved in the RPL process. The assessment process for RPL has been devised to determine from the evidence you provide us that you have the existing skills and knowledge required to meet the criteria for recognised industry qualifications. This means that you could gain a valuable and relevant qualification in a field you have expertise in without having to do any additional study. If there are gaps in your skills and knowledge, you may only need to study a little to boost your prior learning achievements.

Step 1
Free Skills Assessment

At SkillsWave Global, we partner with registered and qualified RTOs to help us assess your skills. This part of the process is entirely free and will enable us to determine if you should pursue gaining a notable qualification in this way. Your file will be assigned to one of our experienced consultants, who will look after your entire RPL process. This one-to-one communication will ensure that you get the best customer service from us. 

Step 2
Experience Portfolio

The dedicated consultant that has been assigned to your RPL certification assessment will then provide you with assistance through the process of gathering the evidence needed for your experience portfolio. This may include any certificates and qualifications (informal or formal), transcripts, videos, photos, samples, letters of reference and recommendation, your current resume and examples from your current and past employment. 

Step 3
Review of Evidence

After the assigned RTO has assessed your portfolio, the consultant may look for additional evidence from you. Suppose there are any areas where you are lacking in experience or skills. In that case, you may be assigned a trainer to help you fill in the gaps in your expertise to better your case for an official qualification or certification. 

Step 4
You’re qualified

Skills Wave Global partners with RTOs that offer qualifications and certifications that are recognised nationally and are the same as those you achieve through formal study. Once your assessment and portfolio have been accepted, you will be given a relevant and recognised qualification that can then be used in your petition for a raise, promotion or the search for better employment. 


Now we will tell you the required evidence you need to provide us to process the RPL application. Some of the common documents are

  • USI (Unique Student Identification) Number
  • Payslips or Financial Evidence from your employer
  • Photos & Videos
  • Academics Certificates (If you have)
  • Visa Copy ( If holding a visa)
  • Resume
  • White Card (Where applicable)

 Different RTOs and qualifications have different requirements for documentation and assessment. We will send you a detailed checklist after reviewing your application.

Is RPL The Right Choice For Me?

You already know all the processes and requirements of the RPL; it’s time to decide whether RPL is the right choice for you. You might be an Australian, new migrant, international student or de facto of an Australian residence with years of work experience. To proceed further with your career, you might need a qualification which will cost you extra thousands of dollars and time. As a busy professional, you might not have that extra time to sit back in the classroom, do assignments and sit for the exam. More importantly, you will repeatedly learn something you already know from years of work experience.

With RPL, you can use your previous work experience, whether from Australia or overseas, and get a nationally recognised qualification that will add the same value as traditional study. It is also a cost-effective and time-saving process that will enhance career opportunities.

No Repeat Learning Necessary
Nationally Recognized Qualifications
Cheaper Than Traditional Study
Enhanced Career Opportunities


Very good customer service, affordable fees, quick responsive. I am very glad that I did my Cert 4 from here. Thank you
tshering zangmo
tshering zangmo
First of all Thanks so much for providing me clear information towards my queries. Service provided here is so fast and better one, the concern person is so approachable anytime. Thanks so much for getting my certificate within few day’s duration which I was worrying before and the rate is also a reasonable one. Thanks so much With regards 😊
anisha maharjan
anisha maharjan
Best service provider. It was quick.
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Pema Dorji
Very responsible, reliable and excellent service delivery, indeed an examplary institute in providing services , keep it up !!!
Katarina Markotan
Katarina Markotan
SkillsWave Global is a fantastic organisation that supports their students 100'/, it's evident that they are passionate about the courses. They RPL systems have helped me exceed in my qualifications, offering me an opportunity to excel in my future career. I highly recommend them.
Very professional and legit. They exceeded my expectations. Trusted! Keep up the good work!
Thinley Wangchuk
Thinley Wangchuk
I would like to kindly acknowledge your organisation for awarding me with the certificate III in individual support which you have given me a great opportunity to serve the ageing and disability people . This will help myself to boost confidence to take care of ageing and disability people in and around the Australia. Thank you for your support and guidance so far and will be always keep in contact with your organisation.. Thank you
sukrit Sh
sukrit Sh
Excellent customer service and provide all necessary info on time. Great Service. Strongly recommend it.