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Qualification Overview

Diploma of Youth Work

Do you desire to acquire the relevant qualification to establish your career in the youth work industry?

This comprehensive Diploma in Youth Work is suitable for you! Based on their current skills, knowledge, and experience, this course seeks to assist experienced mental health support workers earning a nationally recognised qualification with three or more years of experience in the field. This certification demonstrates the employees’ responsibility to support those suffering from mental health problems. They typically offer counseling as well as referral and education. The workers need to have the highest level of specialist knowledge, skills, and abilities, particularly with laws that affect people who have mental health problems. They also need a wide range of knowledge and health issues associated with mental health.

After successfully gaining this Diploma Youth Work, you will emerge as a qualified counsellor and have the highest probability of transferring your prior knowledge and skills into a nationally recognised credential.

Successful Career Progression

This Diploma Youth Work will help you access the following careers:

  • Youth Worker

Units of Competencies

The following competencies will be taken into account in certifying your credential:

Offered By

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Entry Requirements

  • Nill 


Within four weeks of receiving sufficient and complying evidence of competency in all applied for units of competency.

Packaging Rules

  • Total number of units = 21
  • Core units =16
  • Elective units = 5

It is all completed in 4 simple steps

Follow The Steps

Free Skills Assessment

At SkillsWave Global, we partner with registered and qualified RTOs to help us assess your skills. This part of the process is entirely free and will enable us to determine if you should pursue gaining a notable qualification in this way. Your file will be assigned to one of our experienced consultants, who will look after your entire RPL process. This one-to-one communication will ensure that you get the best customer service from us.

Experience Portfolio

The dedicated consultant that has been assigned to your RPL certification assessment will then provide you with assistance through the process of gathering the evidence needed for your experience portfolio. This may include any certificates and qualifications (informal or formal), transcripts, videos, photos, samples, letters of reference and recommendation, your current resume and examples from your current and past employment. 

Review of Evidence

After the assigned RTO has assessed your portfolio, the consultant may look for additional evidence from you. Suppose there are any areas where you are lacking in experience or skills. In that case, you may be assigned a trainer to help you fill in the gaps in your expertise to better your case for an official qualification or certification. 

You’re qualified!

Skills Wave Global partners with RTOs that offer qualifications and certifications that are recognised nationally and are the same as those you achieve through formal study. Once your assessment and portfolio have been accepted, you will be given a relevant and recognised qualification that can then be used in your petition for a raise, promotion or the search for better employment.