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There are different criteria for builders licencing depending on which state you are living in. Please check the link from the below list to know the criteria for an NSW trade licence and other states.

Building and Construction Licence

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The field of Building and Construction is a crucial part of the thriving and constantly growing building and construction industry we have here in Australia. It is part of both the residential and commercial side of work, and the outlook is optimistic that there will still be a need for individuals with recognised qualifications in Building and Construction throughout the country for the foreseeable future. 

As Building and Construction is a specialist skill, it requires comprehensive training in various fields. Although this is traditionally gained through a combination of formal education and hands-on practical experience through an accredited training institution, there is the opportunity to gain a Building and Construction license through RPL. RPL is short for the Recognition of Prior Learning, and at Skills Wave Global, we can help you gain a Building and Construction license of this kind if you have the relevant experience and skills. 

A career as a builder typically starts with an on-job apprenticeship that leads to the individual becoming a journeyman to a master builder. 

A Building and Construction license gives potential employers the guarantee that you have the qualifications, experience and skills required to conduct work as a builder. It highlights that you can work in this specialist area of construction and building work, and it helps to build your reputation in your professional trade. Suppose you try to conduct work as a builder without the appropriate license and qualifications. In that case, you could be sanctioned with fines or penalties, depending on your state or territory. These penalties will undoubtedly affect your attempts to gain work and your Building and Construction license further down the line.


The Building and Construction License Application Process

Although you will find that every territory and state has its qualification and compliance requirements for Building and Construction licenses, you must have either a Certificate IV in Building and Construction or a Diploma of Building & Construction. Applying for a Building and Construction license is straightforward if you have either or both of these certifications. However, suppose you do not have these qualifications but feel you have obtained the necessary skills and experience that qualify you for these certifications through your work experience. In that case, you could still gain a Building and Construction license through RPL.

At SkillsWave Global, we work with official RTOs to help assess the hands-on experience and practical training you may have gained as evidence of your competency within the trade. We can help you save money and time by assessing your existing skills and experience, as you will not need to participate in an official course or study in formal education. You could be qualified within weeks if you meet the required outcomes.

Find Out If You Have the Experience and Skills Necessary for a Building and Construction License Through RPL

Speak to one of our team today to start the process with your assigned consultant, who will collaborate with you and an RTO to assess your experience and skills and determine if you qualify for a Building and Construction License. 

Current relevant qualifications


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You must meet some eligibility criteria to apply for a trade licence in NSW. That includes relevant qualifications from registered RTOs, a complete application form, one passport-size photo, a referees’ statement where applicable etc. For the full checklist, please visit the Service NSW website.

Every state and territory has its requirement for a trade licence in Australia. Usually, building, Automotive, electrical, construction, plumbing and refrigeration/air-conditioning trades need a trade licence in Australia.

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